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A colorful illustration that shows groups of people that are near several public buildings. A picture that shows adults participating in a workshop while kids are playing on a playground in the background. A picture that shows illustrations of people. Printed on paper. A picture of a boardgame that was created for the workshop. A picture that shows 5 adults discussing an idea at a table. A picture that shows 4 illustrations that have been created for the workshop. A picture that shows adults that read flyers and hand-outs that are spread on a long table. A picture that show to girls working on a cardboard that is part of the workshop. A picture that shows a boy writing on a paper. A picture that shows kids participating in the workshop.

Ein Dutzend Zukünfte

The demographic change is challenging the small mountain villages of the Deutschnonsberg in South Tyrol. Due to depopulaiton and decrease of birth their schools and kindergardens are currently at risk to be closed or combined with other school districts. This poses a danger to the populaiton, since the schools are a central component of village life, enabling gatherings and fostering community. In a participatory design process involving villagers and schools, the project Ein Dutzend Zukünfte as part of la nostra scuola aims to create future visions leading the villages towards a positive future.
Through various workshops with villagers and children, we activated their imagination, collaboratively developed future ideas and created dialogue between the polarizing opinions of different stakeholders. This process and the designed tools can now serve as a basis for decision-making for their future and as inspiration for villages with similar conflicts.


  • Eco-Social Design