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An image of a river in the peatlands An image of the printed documentation of the project. An image of the surface of the peatlands Another image of the printed documentation of the project Another image of the printed version of the documentation. An image of a machine in the peatlands A picture of fieldsnotes regarding the peatlands. An image of a little forest in the peatlands An image of a mindmap regarding the peatlands.


Peatlands are biodiverse habitants and crucial CO2 reservoirs, holding great importance for our future. However, they face severe threats worldwide. The draining of peat soils for agriculture and the extraction of peat pose significant risks, as the stored carbon is released into the atmosphere, thereby intensifying climate change. Despite efforts of many EU countries to raise awareness of this issue, as well as initiatives to rewet and restore areas to their natural state, South Tyrol faces ongoing challenges. This project aims to lay the groundwork for a potential master's thesis by investigating and explaining the situation of peatlands in the region of South Tyrol.


  • Eco-Social Design
  • Design Research